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We want to invite you to an unforgettable experience with our stylish Streetwear & Lifestyle brand that features Anime and Asian elements. All our designs were customized to fit anyone who favored the combination of each attribute and its creative edge from t-shirts, hoodies/crews, or accessories.


About Omaewoah

From the establishment of our brand, we desired to not limit ourselves to the quality of our attire with also the intention of shedding a positive outlook with our values in substance.

We are a firm believer that fashion is beyond the admiration of visual pleasure. Whether it .is our family, friends, colleagues, or supporters, we wanted to dedicate our name to those who push us to thrive and become the best version of ourselves. 

Our Mission

As the correct Japanese term, “Omae Wa” translation is “you,” we aim to bring confidence to those who wear our apparel with a memorable impact. With a highlighted slogan of “free to be you,” we hope that our customers not only look their best but possess the feelings to match it. Through our customized line of street inspired clothing that is finessed with Anime and Asian art aesthetics, we hope to enlighten the importance of being able to express yourself.